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Requirements Tagging

Data Model

  • Requirement ID

  • Summary

  • Applicability

  • Relationship with other requirements

  • Version of the base standard which introduced this requirement

Requirements detection and suggestion (proposal and highlighting of text parts which may contain a requirement)

Link between a given base spec version, requirements and test suite

Export of requirements not only for a given standard but also for families of standards

Flagging of requirements and tests if they are out of date to the related standard (when a more current version of the base standard exists and RQ text has changed)

Coverage metrics (number of RQs; how many RQs are testable)

Export of test suites covering a given requirements sub set

Requirements pane in editor to browse the requirements

Assisted validation of the quality of the requirements

Various export formats for requirements (e.g. XML, CSV)

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  • Mar 23 2020
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