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Some way of sub-dividing the document repository, or filtering the user-view of the repository, is needed

When searching the document depository, all the available documents are considered in the search. As NWM is used in practice, very quickly there will be a huge number of documents. Some means of providing more focus would help limit the search scope to documents of interest (e.g. at least to a TSG, WG, or meeting). For example, currently in RAN1, draft documents on the server can be viewed down to a resolution of a sub-agenda item for an individual meeting, without knowing the document title.

At the moment NWM documents can be identified as belonging to RAN, RAN1, RAN2 etc but there seems to be no way of using such tags to limit the search. One possibility could be to allow setting of a filter to select only documents for a particular TSG/WG. Just now I did a search using "RAN1" and nothing came up!

Extending the set of tags and corresponding filters to at least specific meetings would help, but may eventually not be enough.

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  • Apr 6 2021
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