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Allow to edit company name in feedback forms

As a company, we submit consolidated company views, not the views of a particular Individual Member, but the company name that appears on the feedback form is that of a particular IM. We can put in the text that we speak for the entire company (or company group), but it would be better to edit the company name, which e.g. 3GU also allows you to do when requesting a document number.

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  • Mar 29 2021
  • Future consideration
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    Sebastian Mueller commented
    14 Sep, 2022 09:39am

    Hi Kai-Erik, Thx for your comment. A free-text field (see Ultan's comment) is easy to implement, but opens the door for typos, misuse etc. Ideally we would like to get the representing-info from a valid, trusted source.

  • Guest commented
    13 Sep, 2022 08:35am

    The feedback form should show the company that is represented. Not the company where you are employed. For example, an independent consultant can be a 3GPP member but attend meetings on behalf of other companies.

  • Admin
    Ultan Mulligan commented
    13 Apr, 2021 01:22pm

    We plan to allow delegates to select the 3GPP member in their corporate group that they wish to represent. We may consider going beyond this later, although I imagine that some companies might object to the possibility that another could comment in their name! This could happen if we put in a free-text field.